Thank you for visiting my website. I am a former Disney cast member for ESPN and The Walt Disney Company for Disney Parks and Studios. I worked on many projects within the Disney umbrella with ABC News and ESPN. I collaborated with Shanghai Disneyland on their grand open production.
I’m a fast learner, goal-oriented digital media specialist, intermediate 3D, and visual effects animator, video editor, videographer, sound editor, social networker, advanced graphics and web designer. So basically saying all of that I do mainly in the video and graphics designing field. I do a few development work such as modifying web pages using PHP and with a few content management systems like WordPress. Overall I’m in the Digital Media field emphasis in video and static and dynamic graphics and a bit of web development. I have huge keen interests in social media and been using it to connect more interesting and talented people.

I am born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Communication with the emphasis in Digital Media. I have a minor in Global Studies and Japanese. My passion is to create new ideas and design something that comes from my creative mind. I love to learn new things every day and I value hard work in order to become the best in what I can do. I am multi-lingual as I can understand Mandarin, Japanese, Thai and Lao. 

In the past, while I was a student, I was working for 3 companies as a summer intern in 2008. It was in the same building and my manager offered me to work as an unpaid intern for Athlon Sports Inc., Best Magazine, and BestStuff, Inc. I worked as a graphic designer, video editor, visual animator and a consumer electronic reviewer. I enjoyed working with them and gained my interests in working in this kind of environment. You can see my work on this website. I also use to for The Walt Disney Company and other subsidiaries like ABC, ABC News, ESPN, and Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, New York City, and Bristol, Connecticut. You can see all my works here from Disney/ESPN as well. Today I am freelancing with my own business and working remotely. I would love to help out whoever needs it.

I am currently extending my views to focus in the mass media field in design or marketing. If you know someone or any openings in what I do, please contact me.

-Parris Milly

My favorite movies of all time:
All Harry Potter Movies
Up in the Air
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Matrix Trilogy
La La Land
The Adjustment Bureau
Good Will Hunting
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Bicentennial Man
City of Angels
Friends with Benefits
Citizen Kane
Back to the Future
Star Wars Trilogy
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Home Alone