OPI – Outpatient Imaging

I helped redesign a radiology clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. The website already have the foundation on a website but needed intuitive designs to make the site more attractive. As of today, the site generates a lot of visitors daily. 

Click here to visit the site.

ESPN Media Technologies Intranet Webpage

I designed a page strictly for the department for accessing documents like for training and manuals on how to operate high tech decks for ESPN video production. It creates a great one-stop site for everyone to get what they wanted. 

Click here to see demo

Aging in Place – website for retirement 

Collaborate with a team of content creators and designers on creating a website gears towards seniors. This website consists of reviews of many products, to essential services senior citizens need. 

Click here to see the site.

Destination China – University project website design 

Assist a plan to design a website that gears students on able to study abroad in China. 

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Middle Tennessee State University – Digital Animation 

Help to modify websites for the department of mass communications in particular of Digital Animation and Digital Media Communications

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Middle Tennessee State University Smarti Awards 

Assisting on designing a website on yearly Smarti Awards from the Department of Mass Communications. 

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First to experience Drupal style Content Management System during my internship. 

I help to create my own review pages on particular mp3 players like Cowon D2. 

Beststuff.com used to be online but now it has defunct. The only way to see my work is the image screenshot I took in the past. 

Luang Prabang Reunion

Helped design an event website that deals with all users to sign up for a reunion event in Las Vegas. It was a successful project idea because it was geared to a one-stop website to assist in giving information. It makes it intriguing for some people haven’t seen each other for many years. This site creates the bonding of people.

Demo doesn’t exist anymore and the only reference can be seen is the screenshot I took.